January 10, 2013

Beauty and the Flu: 5 Tips to Stay Healthy and Keeping Your Makeup Behaving

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Are you the office sprinkler?

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No? Well, you KNOW who that person is right? Have you heard all the flu news? It's insane! Every year, people get the flu. But this season, it is particularly bad.

According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), from 09/30/121 to end of 2011, there were 849 flu cases in the US. This year in the same time? 22,048 flu cases.

I work in a pharmacy, and in the past weeks of working, 80% of my patients present cold or flu symptoms. When I gave tips, a large majority seemed to the "Oh yeah!" face. So I thought I would do a mini rendition of some of the suggestions I gave my patients!

1. Don't touch your face. We all have to do touch ups once in awhile, but in peak flu season, it's best not to touch our noses and mouths. (The average person touches his or face around 18 times per hour.) So if you're reaching up to check that mascara or concealer, you could be spreading the virus.

Using a makeup setting spray, such as this Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, helps prevent makeup from melting off...essentially cutting down touch ups and check ups, helping you NOT touch your nose or mouth.

2. Sanitize. The flu is everywhere. The virus can survive up to 8 hours on hard surfaces. This means that elevator button, salt shaker at the restaurant, every door knob...touch it, and you can spread it to other surfaces or yourself.

Keep alcohol based hand sanitizer handy! They help kill most bacteria, fungi, and some viruses...including the flu virus! So use them before eating food and after handling money, doorknobs, public transportation, etc. So when if you DO touch your makeup, there's a decreased chance of getting the virus. The picture is of my mini The Body Shop Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer, it has 73.4% alcohol content.

3. Drink water. Keeping hydrated with water will help clear your system of toxins. Water is good for the skin as well, which is especially great for the winter months. 

Dehydrated skin can cause skin to become dull, dry, cracked, and irritable. If you're trying to put on concealer or foundation with any of these problems, you're not going to have a good time. More makeup and powder just adds to that cakey look, and we want to avoid that. Plus, hydrated skin will give you that natural glow!
4. This goes off of #3. Don't share a refillable bottle, plastic cup, toothbrush, lipstick, or balm. Anything that goes near or on your lips, has the potential to carry that nasty virus. Even if you friend seems healthy, he or she could still have the virus brooding in the body. And that brooding or incubating stage means that friend is contagious.

5. Keep tissues handy. Tissues in the wintertime are a god-send. They can

I have two versions displayed here. A pocket sized one or a boxed on. The lotion version is especially great  if you have the momentary sniffles coming from a cold to hot environment. (Don't wipe that on the back of your hand or sleeve!) It is also great for a sudden tear. My eyes are sensitive to light and wind, so I always keep these handy to absorb a stray tear.

Tissues are also amazing to wipe away smudging or stray fallout. 

As for that friend who has sniffles? Offer them tissues helps him or her from spreading the germs with wet noses or sneezes!

Also, throw these suckers away immediately! Don't just tuck it a pocket please! You don't want to be spreading anything.

Well that's it for now. 

I hope that this was helpful! I'm off to think of more ideas for this Beauty and the Flu Health Series! 

- SL

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